Huawei continues its long-term strategy based on continuous investment in technological innovation and research.

The new generation foldable flagship phone, Huawei Mate X2, offers new and exciting experiences for consumers with a brand new Falcon Wing Design, in providing technical breakthroughs that move the industry forward.
With its brand new compact design with an intentionally shifted balance point, the HUAWEI Mate X2 works exceptionally, whether folded or not. The unfolded display is one of the largest in the industry, offering a consistent user experience in both forms. The precision-engineered HUAWEI Mate X2 folds to a small size and opens beautifully to a flat screen. The high-strength steel and carbon fiber composite case makes it a lightweight yet robust device. Combining the Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera, powerful dual speaker stereo sound system and the extremely fast Kirin 9000 5G chipset, the HUAWEI Mate X2 embodies some of the best technologies the industry has to offer.

Huawei has never stopped investing in technological innovation and research to achieve its goals. In 2019, the company invested 15.3 percent of its revenue in R&D and over 600 billion CNY in the last decade. Focused on innovation, Huawei also has more than 96,000 employees, 14 research centers and 36 joint innovation centers around the world focused on R&D.

Continuous R&D investment has helped Huawei rapidly rise in various areas to provide a rich portfolio of products and services, according to the Huawei Seamless AI Life Strategy, which aims to provide users with a full scenario experience on multiple smart devices in today’s “fully connected” age.

Falcon Wing Design
The Foldable Design of HUAWEI Mate X2 folds into a compact shape with curved corners all around. In the unfolded state, the device has a curved back that makes it as thin as 4.4 mm on one side. Since the balance point is shifted slightly away from the center of the device, it successfully balances whether the device is turned on or off.

With its dual-screen design, HUAWEI Mate X2’s 8-inch flexible inner screen is one of the largest of its kind. On top of that, the HUAWEI Mate X2 offers a magnetically controlled nano-optic layer to minimize reflection. It works seamlessly with the 6.45 inch OLED display outside. Both screens feature super high resolution, high touch sampling rate and 90 Hz refresh rate to provide a consistent experience as users switch from one mode to the next.

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The 21: 9 aspect ratio of the HUAWEI Mate X2’s external screen is compatible with most common applications. When turned on, it transforms into a large smart device with an 8: 7.1 ratio, offering a more immersive and effective visual experience when held vertically or horizontally.

The complex Multi-Dimensional Hinge that HUAWEI has strived to perfect over five years. Thanks to a multi-dimensional locking mechanism, the hinge creates a water drop-like space to store the screen when the device is folded. This method allows the device to fold perfectly with a barely noticeable gap and minimizes wrinkling on the outer screen when the device is turned on. Openings in the edges are also hidden to prevent dust and dirt from entering the system and damaging the screen.

Revealing new experiences
With two screens, the HUAWEI Mate X2 offers the best of both worlds. The larger screen offers a wide viewing area, while the foldability feature of the device maximizes portability. Leveraging extensive research on human factors, HUAWEI designed the foldable form factor from scratch to deliver a unique smart experience. From web browsing and productivity tasks to media consumption, online shopping and gaming, the HUAWEI Mate X2 offers an incredibly immersive experience unlike any other.

Inspired by the “long shot” camera technique, HUAWEI made the UI transition effects on the HUAWEI Mate X2 smoother and more responsive. The special dynamic theme further enhances the opening experience with a flower bed that blooms every time the user turns on the device.

HUAWEI Mate X2’s large screen is complemented by a host of smart features designed around multitasking. With Smart Multi-Window, Floating Window, App Multiplier, App Bubble and more, users can multitask efficiently even on a single screen.

Smart Multi-Window allows users to quickly preview content in another application without minimizing the active application, such as previewing an e-mail attachment in the e-mail application or opening a link in Notepad. App Multiplier allows users to open multiple instances of a single application. This feature comes in handy when referring to another document saved in applications such as Notepad.

Active Floating Windows can be stacked inside App Bubble, except for resizing only. Also h


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