We left behind a 2020 year without innovation in the smartphone market. In this period, the only products that can be shown under the name of innovation are foldable phones. As you know, Samsung and Huawei entered the foldable phone market together. Both manufacturers had manufacturing problems after introducing their foldable phones, and we were able to meet with both Galaxy Fold and Mate X models after months. Huawei met Huawei Mate Xs in February 2020 after the Mate X series, but this phone was the same phone in terms of design. It was just bringing 5G support to foldable phones. Today, the Chinese manufacturer shared a post for the new generation Huawei Mate X2.



We’ve been waiting for Huawei’s next-generation foldable phone or phones for a while, and as of February 22, we will finally be able to meet the Mate X2. As you know, the first generation Mate X came with a screen that folds out, and this structure was definitely not user-friendly. Because the possibility of damage to the screen was quite high. We don’t know what kind of design Huawei will offer us in the next generation Mate X2, but Chinese sources say it will continue the same design language.


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