Chinese tech giant Huawei may add a game console to its product range. The company is reportedly planning to release a game console with features similar to PlayStation and Xbox.

Chinese sources say Huawei may launch a full-fledged game console similar to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. Some details about the company’s plans were shared on Weibo.

The company may launch a new line of laptops designed for demanding gaming, ahead of the game console referred to as “MateStation.” Because it will take some time for the game console to be ready.

Gaming laptop coming this year
As you may recall, Honor launched the first gaming laptop called Honor Hunter, which has very good features, last year.

Huawei was also expected to release a gaming-focused laptop in 2020, but these plans were postponed to 2021. According to the latest information, the company will present the device in its current calendar year.


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