Trump tension is still happening in the Chinese market. The fledgling president Joe Biden has not yet made an official statement on China and Huawei, but today’s information may mean that this statement will make no sense if it is prolonged. Because today, a consensus involving Huawei Xiaomi and 60 companies has made a very important decision for the development of Chinese semiconductor technologies.



As you know, the sanctions taken by the US against Huawei caused the hand of the Chinese manufacturer to be tied on the “processor” side. While Huawei was looking for a way out of this impasse, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China initiated a major work to establish the National Technical Committee for Integrated Circuit Standardization.

Although China is a developed country in many areas, it is a far behind in semiconductor manufacturer and wants to turn it in its favor. Although it is said that an architecture will be developed against the ARM architecture of China, there is nothing concrete yet. Manufacturers such as Huawei, HiSilicon, Xiaomi, Datang Semiconductor, Unichip Microelectronics, Zhanrui Communication, ZTE Microelectronics, SMIC, Datang Mobile, China Mobile, China Unicom, ZTE, Tencent are joining forces for the development of the Chinese semiconductor industry.

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We do not know what will come as a result, but the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China asked this consensus to quickly start work on improving the relevant standards, reducing development and operating costs, ensuring a good industrial environment and increasing the industry’s versatile competitiveness.


Editor’s Comment

The year 2021 can be a year where many things can change. Let’s see if Joe Biden will force China to become an even more superpower ???


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