Huawei Mouse GT gaming mouse was announced with its superior features. After the Huawei smartphone business, it is now entering the gaming industry.


Speaking with its own operating system unlike smartphones for the last few months, Huawei is now entering the game industry. The company, which released HarmonyOS 2.0 as beta, will soon allow us to experience the new operating system as a full version. The company, which has lost a lot of blood in the smartphone industry, will launch its new operating system with three different phone brands. The operating system, which is better and uses less memory than Android, will soon face its competitors. The company, which has been known for its operating system recently, is now developing a special mouse for the game world. Huawei Mouse GT was announced exclusively to gamers today.

The company, which has recently introduced many technological products, including MateView and MateView GT, continues to develop products for gamers. The products that appeared as first class monitors of the company are now decorated with a maus model.

Huawei Mouse GT announced

The new maus displayed on the Huawei China website comes with a special design for players. Wirelessly developed player mouse will try to satisfy its users with both its performance and durability. It is stated that the wireless mouse, which is stated to be on the market after June 2, will meet all the needs of the players. No information has yet been shared regarding the price tag of the wireless mouse.


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