Huawei P50 News: The long-awaited Huawei P50 has a firm release date, and more information about this advanced mobile phone is sure to come soon.


One of the most anticipated mobiles today is the Huawei P50. Despite all the problems that the administration of former President Donald Trump caused the company, its products remain highly appreciated.

It is for the same reason that many fans of the brand have been aware of the announcement of the release of this new mobile model. And they were rewarded: this Monday it was revealed that it will come out this month.

Huawei P50 will be available at the end of the month

It will be on July 29 that this next-generation smartphone will hit the market. The announcement was made through Weibo, the Chinese social network. Fortunately, this message was also repeated on Twitter for Western audiences.

According to Richard Yu, CEO of the company, this new mobile will usher in “a new era of mobile images.” You are clearly emphasizing your ability to take high-quality photos.

Many things worked against the Huawei P50. In addition to the sanctions from the US, the manufacture of the Kirin chips was impacted. In fact, last June Yu himself revealed that this device did not have a precise date of departure.

However, perhaps things have changed for the better, and that is something that should help the company. Today, it has lost a significant portion of the market to some of its competitors.

The company faces stiff competition

So much so, that Huawei was left out of the Top 5 of the main mobile manufacturers worldwide. At least as far as the second quarter of this year is concerned.

In January, it was revealed that Oppo had replaced it as the most popular brand in its own country. That is, in China. So it was essential that this new mobile model went on sale as soon as possible.

The company could not afford to suffer another delay and start producing it.

Last June it was confirmed that the Huawei P50 has two modules for its camera system. These comprise up to four sensors and two flashes. It is in this way that it aims to offer great quality when taking pictures.

The company is betting a lot on this new smartphone, one of the most important products it will launch in 2021. An important issue will be the price of this device.


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