The Huawei brand, which is turning to electric cars, will soon present the Huawei P50 phone model to its users. The patent has been approved.


Huawei brand, which came before users with different smartphones, has been on the agenda with electric cars in the past weeks. The company, which also handles the vehicle production business, will soon appear on the roads. The company, which continues to host millions of users from all over the world, has been trying to survive with Google and US embargoes for years. Google’s withdrawal of Android support and harsh US sanctions allow the company to turn to different areas while reducing a large profit margin. The company’s new phone, the Huawei P50, has been the subject of our news today with its patent.

As you may remember, the company applied for a new patent last October. This development, which we also included in our news at that time, was almost forgotten in time. As we move towards the end of March, new information about the company’s new phone has also emerged. New developments will make technology enthusiasts smile.


Huawei P50 Revealed with Design Patent

In fact, we have stated in the previous news that the new phone will appear with the name P50. With the developments experienced today, the patent of the company’s new phone has also emerged. According to the design package, there is a large vertical cylindrical camera shape in the form of two circles on the back of the device. This camera system looks like it will also feature an LED light. While the volume and power buttons are located on the bottom right of the phone, it is known to charge with the Type-C port. As is known, the volume and power button on other smartphones are on the upper right side of the screen.

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