Preparation for 2021 in the mobile sector continues at full speed. Manufacturers are planning to introduce the flagships they introduce every year and bring their new phones to their owners this year. Following the introduction of the Snapdragon 888, leaks about new flagships have started to increase significantly. In addition, most companies have officially announced that they will use this chipset. For example, we all know that the Xiaomi Mi 11 series will be the first model to be powered by the Snapdragon 888. In addition, we know that the Galaxy S21 series will also be powered by this chipset. As leaks continue to chase around these phones, there is some news within the Huawei P50 series. Huawei, which has had quiet days lately, is preparing to launch new flagships in the first quarter of the year. Now some concept images about Huawei P50 Pro have emerged from these. We also reached the first information about the basic features.


Huawei P50 Pro sounds very ambitious

The P50 series, which will be introduced in the next few months, will come with quite ambitious features. In fact, if we look at the P50 Pro concept images, it seems that we will see a completely different phone in design. So what will the P50 Pro model offer us? Will the best model in the series really be successful? Let’s talk about this a little bit if you wish …

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When we look at the images about the Huawei P50 Pro, it seems that the device will have a very assertive and bold design. The Chinese manufacturer is considering to adopt a different solution by canceling the perforated screen design on this phone. However, it is currently unclear whether there will be an under-screen camera. Instead, it is possible to see cameras that extend or open. But for now, we can say that the best thought is to have under-screen camera technology. Because people are almost impatiently waiting for this technology.

When we consider the concept images, we can easily see that the P50 Pro will have a unique design. If you look carefully, Huawei plans to completely remove the physical keys on this phone. It looks like it will include virtual touches, which are more useful instead. Users will be able to use the volume and power keys with virtual touch keys. In our opinion, this function seems more attractive.

If we look at the optics, the P50 Pro will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera. It will also support distortion-free zooming up to 10x. In addition, this number can reach up to 100x with hybrid technology.


P50 Pro will also support wireless charging

Huawei’s new flagship p50 Pro will also support wireless charging, just like the P40 series. In addition, a big upgrade is expected in wired charging. This can be either 100 or 120Watts. So Huawei will not regret its users in this regard. If we talk about the processor, this device will be powered by Huawei’s limited Kirin 9000 chip. However, if things do not go well, the Chinese manufacturer can also apply to MediaTek or Qualcomm.

That’s all the news about the P50 series for now. However, when there is a new leak, we will share it with you again. Continue to follow us.


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