Huawei P50 Pro News: Information about Huawei’s new monster Huawei P50 Pro continues to come. Now the clearest visuals of the phone have emerged.


The countdown has begun for Huawei’s highly anticipated new flagship Huawei P50 family. The Huawei P50 Pro, the model that will come to the fore with the family’s camera, came out today with its clearest visuals. Due to the embargoes and the coronavirus epidemic, the P50 family, which will be introduced a little later than planned this year, seems to intimidate its rivals on the camera.

Huawei P50 Pro comes with its giant camera!

By sharing images of the infiltrator Bald Panda, the P50 Pro signals that it will be worth the wait. As you know, Sharp recently made a first in the world by using a 1 inch sensor in its phone. Probably, the P50 Pro will also use a 1-inch gigantic sensor.

According to the leaked image, there will be three cameras and a periscope telephoto lens on the back of his phone, respectively. However, it was said that there will be a five-camera system on the phone. It’s early to comment on this for now. Still, we can say that the phone will come with a quad camera setup at a minimum.

The Huawei P50 is said to be equipped with Sony’s proprietary IMX800 sensor as standard. This sensor has an ultra-wide base close to 1 inch. Note that the IMX800 is the largest sensor in Sony’s history and will be used first in the P50 family.

Huawei, which wants to be a rival to Android, is working on HarmonyOS as you know. In addition to Android, the HarmonyOS operating system will also be used on this phone. Users will be able to easily install the operating system they want. However, it will not be able to use Google Mobile Services due to embargoes.

The P50 family, which will be powered by the Kirin 9000 series chipset, will perform at the Snapdragon 888 tuning. We would love to see the Snapdragon 888 in new models, but this is not possible due to Qualcomm’s embargo. It is said that Huawei’s processor stocks are also having problems, so the P50 family will be produced in limited numbers. We hope that the problems on the production line will be solved and there will be no stock problems.


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