Huawei P50 and Huawei MateX2 were compared. There have been significant leaks in the Huawei P50 recently.


Prototypes of the Huawei P50 model have been on the internet for a few days. The phone, whose design details are largely clear, was brought side by side with the company’s foldable phone this time around, the Mate X2. So how does the Huawei P50 and Huawei Mate X2 look side by side? With reference to the Mate X2, we will get an idea about the dimensions of the P50. Let’s take a look together …

Huawei P50 vs Huawei Mate X2 Side by Side

Although the Huawei P50 is foldable, it looks smaller than the MateX2. The P50, with oval corners, has softer lines at the design point. In addition, the camera design of the P50 is reminiscent of the Nova 8 series models. Huawei manages to stand out from its competitors with this camera design, but when we look at the P50 from the front, we see a front camera positioned in the center on the screen like many current smartphones.

We can say that the Huawei P50 is close to the final design in this prototype. There are a total of four cameras inside the two large camera holes in the rear. There is also a LED flash on the camera module. A gratifying development in the phone, which is expected to be introduced on June 17, will be the camera bump. The camera protrusion is noticeable when compared to its competitors. Of course, this protrusion may increase with more advanced cameras in the Pro model.

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