Huawei is expected to come out with the Huawei P50 family in March or April. Due to the friction with TSMC, Huawei is said to be unable to produce the next-generation Kirin chipset. That’s why the Kirin 9000 chipset in the Mate 40 will power the P50 family. Unfortunately, the Snapdragon 888 use case seems to be shelved for now due to Qualcomm. Anyway, our subject is not the processor, but the camera!



As you know, Huawei, in cooperation with Leica, has been producing the best camera phones for the last 3-4 years. This is not a claim but something proven by DxOMark. After the Mate 40 Pro +, which has the best camera of 2020, it was wondered what more Huawei would do. Today this curiosity has been resolved.

According to the information conveyed in the Huawei P50, a technology called Binocular zoom will be included. This technology can do optical zoom up to 20 times and digital zoom up to 200 times. Huawei, which will launch space photography, will be able to view the Moon like a telescope.

For now, there is no information or leakage about the phone’s camera setup and Megapixel. However, we have full confidence in Huawei regarding the camera. Again, iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi cry camera setup will take place in the P50. In addition, thanks to the artificial intelligence of Kirin 9000, the photos will be processed like crystal and the clearest images will be presented to the users.


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