Huawei’s efforts to get rid of Google continue unabated. Now Huawei Petal Mail, which will be a rival to Gmail, has been announced.


Huawei has filed a trademark application for Petal Mailbox, which could replace Gmail in recent months. In addition to features similar to Gmail, Huawei Petal Mail can offer a more attractive interface so that users do not become alienated.

According to the information received; Tests of Huawei’s mail service have begun on some users. Users will need to create an account from scratch to subscribe to the mail service. You will be able to use your e-mail with the user name you will receive, just like in Gmail.

Users who want to be a part of this web test can log into via their computers. The top three feedbacks in the public test will be rewarded with 100 yuan. However, testing is currently limited to Chinese users only. Probably there will be a global beta in the coming months.

Petal Mail address extension will be in the form of @ For example; An e-mail address will be created in the form of [email protected] After verifying details such as account registration and mobile phone number, users will be able to experience e-mail services by entering the web page version of Petal Mail.

In Petal Mail; It includes items such as Inbox, Starred, Draft, Sent, Trash, and Spam. As the mail service develops, more different folders and services will be added.

On the other hand, Huawei has also applied for Petal Search and Petal Maps in the past. However, these applications are currently in use for commercial use. In addition, the launch of Petal Maps will allow the company to create and link basic services related to “Petal” in a single array.


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