Huawei, one of the leading names in the mobile industry, has been having a hard time in the last few years. As you know, Google licenses of the Chinese manufacturer, which was blacklisted due to former US president Donald Trump, were revoked and GMS services in Huawei phones were banned. Now, according to a report from a foreign source, Huawei users will no longer be able to use Google’s popular messaging application.



Google’s popular messaging app is on the forbidden road for Google messages.

According to data obtained by senior developers, the Google messages application will not serve Android smartphones whose certification has been revoked as of March 31, 2021. Huawei phones, which are normally deprived of Google applications, could have some Google applications thanks to third-party software and stores. However, a very strict obstacle awaits you in the popular messaging application of the US company.

The Messages application, which will be protected by Google’s end-to-end encryption, will prevent Android phones whose certificates have been revoked. In other words, even if you are using the application as a third party, it will detect this with the algorithm in the application and disable you.

It is unclear whether Huawei will make breakthroughs in this regard. However, the Chinese manufacturer can develop its own private messaging platform against this ban. Because Huawei continues to prepare for its new ecosystem, it can also create a special messaging platform.


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