Huawei Smart Screen SE will be introduced on May 19th. Introducing brand new products, Huawei continues to excite the company.



Huawei, which launched the operating system called HarmonyOS 2.0 last week, will continue to introduce brand new products in May and June. The company, which has been in our news before, will introduce many new technological products on June 19. These products will also include a new television model. The company, which will spend the months of May and June to the fullest, will introduce products that appeal to millions. With the new information, it became clear that the company will introduce a new television model called Huawei Smart Screen SE on May 19th.

Stating that it is waging war on the Android platform with the HarmonyOS operating system, the company will soon release its new operating system globally. The operating system, which is currently in the testing phase of some devices as beta 3, will probably have completed the testing process in June. The company, which started the countdown for May 19, will continue to promote its different products.

Huawei Smart Screen SE to be Introduced on May 19

Promising a perfect viewing experience to users with its new smart television model, the company will also shake its competitors with its brand new television. In addition to its superior features, the television, which is stated to have an affordable price tag, has a 65-inch screen. The smart TV, which is expected to have a price tag of around $ 700, will have a 55-inch variant in addition to the 65-inch screen. 55 inches will have a price tag of around $ 600 and 65 inches around $ 700. The television, which will allow us to watch movies and series with 4K resolution, will appear with ultra-thin frames on all four sides.


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