Huawei News: Making a name for itself with different smart phone models, Huawei made such good sales in China that the stocks were insufficient.


The mobility in the smartphone market continues to increase day by day. As we leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, brand new phone news continues to come, and we follow the developments closely. Asus company has great hopes as it prepares to launch the IP68 certified Zenfone 8 on May 12th. Recently, Huawei company, which offers brand new features to its users by focusing on updates, detonated the HarmonyOS bomb the other day and almost challenged the Android platform. The company, which also tests the new operating system on games, seems to meet the expectations of HarmonyOS, which provides a lower battery life compared to Android.

Faced with the Google embargo two years ago, the company soon tried to do something with its own means. In addition, even though the sales of the company, which faced an embargo by the USA, fell, it was almost born from the ashes with the smart phone models it produced. The company ran out of stocks, making very successful sales in China.

Huawei Sells Cheese Like Bread in China

As you may remember, the executives of the Huawei company announced in the past months that they were looking for ways to survive. It was stated that the US ban significantly affected sales, but they stated that they would not give up the smartphone market. Currently, most of the company’s phone models do not have stocks in China. When a customer who went to a store in Beijing, China, asked where he could buy the Huawei brand phone he wanted, the employees said, “It’s not just us, the store with insufficient stocks, it’s similar if you go to other stores in Beijing as well as other stores across the country”.

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