Huawei, one of the Chinese technology manufacturers, will introduce its technological products with new smart screens on March 25.


Although it was interrupted after Google withdrew its Android support, Huawei, which never compromised its determination, disappointed us last month. First, the Chinese technology company Huawei, which will not give up the smartphone market and then cut the production of smartphones by half and engage in businesses such as pig farms and coal mines, was the event with the steps it took. While the famous company, which has an important position in the world of technology, continues to look for ways to sit at the table with the USA again, the days have been counting to introduce its brand new products. Huawei Smart Screen S Pro will be introduced on March 25th.

The famous company, which will introduce a new smart TV on March 25, seems to be getting impatient. The successful name, which continues to make a name for itself with the phone models in the market, will mark the year 2021 with its new smart television. It will also be quite satisfactory in terms of television features announced as a Pro model. Especially with its 75-inch 4K screen, the television, which will make the images a bit more realistic, will sell like cheese.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro Features

The smart TV, which will appear with the Huawei Honghu 818 chip, will work with HarmonyOS 2.0. The model, known to support 1080p HD seamless communication, will give users the opportunity to access many features such as one-touch gaming, screen projection, smart karaoke, smart home control and more. Smart television, which will bring a high sound experience with 4 * 10W high-power speakers, will also offer quality sound effects to its users with its 3D cinematic mode. The television, which also has a 13MP smart eye camera that can be used magnetically, also supports 180 degrees of rotation.

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