Huawei has started testing new features it will bring to EMUI 10. Huawei, which chose the flagship series Mate 30 for the testing phase, announced that the testing process will continue until February 23. Huawei will present the new features of EMUI 10 to all users after its tests.

Chinese technology giant Huawei continues to work on its interface named EMUI, which it offers to its users. Huawei, which wants to improve the performance of the interface and add new features, has chosen the new flagship Mate 30 for its tests. As of yesterday, the Mate 30 series users in China have started to be included in these tests.

Huawei Mate 30 series is of great importance for the company. Because, for the first time after the trade ban imposed by the US administration, Huawei has equipped a smartphone with Huawei Mobile Services, not with Google Mobile Services. This has caused many consumers to approach this flagship series at a distance. However, company officials said that Huawei Mobile Services is much better than Google’s at every opportunity they find.

Huawei did not say what features to add to the Android 10-based EMUI 10 interface. However, technical critics say that the features Huawei wants to test now focus on Huawei Mobile Services and are about improving compatibility. When we think Huawei Mobile Services is a new service, it is difficult to predict what the company is working on.

The Chinese tech giant has included all phones in the Mate 30 series in beta to test the new features of EMUI 10. Accordingly, Mate 30 (4G and 5G), Mate 30 Pro (4G and 5G) and Mate 30 RS in China will be included in the beta tests of the Porsche Design (5G) stage EMUI 10.

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Huawei Mate 30 series users in China started to participate in beta tests yesterday. Huawei says the launched test process will take place until February 23, 00:00. After the tests, Huawei will permanently release new features in EMUI 10. However, it is not yet known when Huawei will release the new and stable version of EMUI 10 to all users.


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