Huawei News: Chinese giants continue to lead technology. Now Huawei is preparing to switch to under-screen camera technology.


The technology that Apple directed for a period is now in the hands of China. The Chinese manufacturer ZTE made history as the first company to include an under-screen camera. While Samsung was expected to follow ZTE with the Galaxy Fold 3, which will be introduced soon, a surprise development took place today. Huawei came up with patents for under-screen camera technology.

Huawei receives patent for under-display camera technology

According to this patent, which emerged with LetsGoDigital’s rendering of the patent; Huawei’s new under-screen technology will be used in a mid-segment phone. These drawings, which resemble Huawei’s mid-segment phones in terms of design, are expected to be implemented very soon. This patent, which is similar to the Honor X20 SE model offered for sale in China today, is said to have been approved by the original patent, the National Intellectual Property Administration of China.

Companies used the pop-up camera for a while to hide the notch. However, since this camera technology did not hold well, the under-screen camera was started to be tried. Probably in 2-3 years, this technology will be able to be used in flagship models.

It will probably take 5-6 years for Apple to adopt this technology. Another Chinese manufacturer, OPPO, is also said to have breakthroughs in this regard. We think that this technology, which will be tried first in the middle segment, is promising. The notch issue will likely be history in the coming years. In this way, mobile screens will be able to offer an experience as expected.


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