Huawei harmony os Android operating system with the opening battle, the battery consumption of the new operating system is being tested on the games.


As you may remember, years ago, the relationship between Google and Huawei broke down and Google announced that it would withdraw Android support from Huawei brand phones. This development, which fell on the agenda like a bomb at that time, also caused the company to lose blood. However, the smartphone company, which did not bow to Google’s sanctions, sought different solutions. The company, which launched an app store called App Galery in response to the Google Play Store, soon introduced hundreds of thousands of applications to its users. While there are more than 2000 application developers on App Galery, new ones are added every day. The company, working on various innovations after its own application store, announced its own operating system the other day. The operating system announced as Huawei HarmonyOS works faster than Android.

The new operating system, which is claimed to run faster and smoother than the Android platform, is currently trying to pass through rigorous tests. The new operating system is tested with battery usage rate, especially on games.

Huawei HamonyOS Performs a Game Test

The smartphone manufacturer company recently announced its new operating system and attracted attention. The operating system, which will also appear with the next smartphone models, was announced for the Mate 40 series, Mate X2 foldable phone, Smart Screen S devices and more. HarmonyOS, which has been announced as a long-awaited operating system, consumes less battery compared to EMUI 11. We can say that the operating system, which is also tested on games, has almost made a difference to EMUI 11 with its battery consumption life. The operating system, which is better than EMUI 11 with its system performance and fluency, looks quite impressive. The company tested the HarmonyOS powered Mate X2 against the EMUI 11 powered Mate 40 Pro, and the winner was the Mate X2.

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