Huawei Watch 3 was spotted for the first time with HarmonyOS. The information we gained in a short video is that the clock will run fast with the new operating system.


Huawei Watch 3 will be one of the first devices with HarmonyOS operating system. We saw in the recently leaked images what kind of design the smart watch that Huawei will unveil on June 2 will have. Now, a short video has been released showing how the Watch 3 offers a user experience with the new operating system.

If you have used a Huawei smart watch before, you have seen that the interface does not work as fast as its competitors. With HarmonyOS, this is reversed and the interface seems to run pretty fast. It is also obvious that the operating system brings a new breath to the clock. Frankly, the version of HarmonyOS developed for watches has already excited us. You will also see in this short video that the physical button on the right side of the smart watch has an important function in the use of the interface.

Huawei Watch 3 HarmonyOS Operating System Video

Looking at the leaked images, there will be two versions of the smart watch. The first appears to consist of a sapphire bezel and a silicone strap. The other has a leather strap and a stainless steel bezel.

The screen looks rather flat and large as it extends to the very corners of the bezel. Also, the bezels on the sides are slightly curved. However, the on-screen UI shows the Celia voice assistant icon as well as a series of widgets that include time and date, weather and music playback information.

There are two buttons on the right side of the smartwatches, and the one at the top is quite interesting. The button is round and reminiscent of the so-called crown, which supports both clicks and rotation features in the Apple Watch series.


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