In fact, we haven’t had a short-term shock while writing this article. In the news we made in the past days, we mentioned how consistently Huawei works on new phones and made a name for itself with the updates it brings to its phones. In fact, and even Huawei announced that they would not lose the smartphone market to anyone and would not sell the smartphone section to anyone. We said wow guys they are planning big things with a lot of determination in this regard. We can say that our joy remained in our crop. Because the famous brand is planning to reduce its phone production.



Having a lot of users in our country, the world-famous brand continues to be the subject of our news with striking details while trying to melt the ice with the US administration. For a while, the company, which has been confronted with the US Department of Commerce, is waiting for various steps from the new US administration to eliminate problems. The company, which was the subject of our news last week, expressed its determination in the smartphone market. But today, something else happened. I think we will be sorry.

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Huawei Will Cut Its Smartphone Production In Half

Today, the company is still in trouble with the US government. Huawei, which has become the phone brand that has been banned from selling in the USA since May 2019, has come up with a news that shocked us while continuing to wait patiently for the melting of the ice. We can say that the company, which won our appreciation with its determination and upright stance last week, disappointed us with the news that came today. As a result of the information we obtained, we learned that the famous brand will reduce the production of smartphones to half race. Producing 189 million phones last year, the company plans to produce 70 to 80 million phones for this year. According to some sources, this figure may drop to 50 million. The company, which managed to free the Honor sub-brand from the ban last year, will make a name for itself with its smartphones this year.


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