Huawei raises the bar in fast charging technology. Huawei’s 135-watt compact charger has appeared.


In fast charging technology, manufacturers are going crazy. As of 2020, adapters providing power output over 100 watts have been used in smartphones. Xiaomi has recently increased this level to 200 watts, holding the record in this field. One of the brands that invest heavily in fast charging is Huawei. Using an adapter with the highest power of 66 watts in a smartphone, Huawei aims to increase the fast charging level to 135 watts.

Huawei Will Compete With Xiaomi in Fast Charging

Huawei currently uses a 135-watt fast charging adapter in its Matebook 16. This is not the adapter that is the subject of leaks in China. It is more compact in size and can also be used for smartphones.

He posted a live photo of the new Huawei compact charger that can be used with smartphones, tablets and even entry-level gaming laptops that support ultra-fast charging. The product provides a maximum charging output of 135 watts and a minimum of 15 watts.

It is not clear when the adapter, which performs fast charging at 20V/6.75A, will be on the market. Frankly, we expect a surprise in the Huawei P50 series. It is curious that Huawei will share and share a video about how long it takes for the adapter to charge the battery at a certain level.

Xiaomi recently announced the impressive results of its HyperCharge 200 watt fast charging feature via a video. It takes only 8 minutes to fully charge a 4,000mAh battery with 200-watt fast charging technology. 50% of this battery is charged in just 3 minutes, and 10% of this battery is charged in just 44 seconds. Incredible ratings indeed.


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