Huawei will appear with the unmanned bicycle model. After unmanned cars, the current new trend has become clear. The Chinese firm has outdone itself.


Chinese technology giant Huawei was said to be working on a self-driving car for a while. However, according to the information received today; Very soon, Huawei will appear with an unmanned bike. According to Design Boom, Huawei is working on a new self-driving vehicle that is a bicycle as well as a car.

According to rumors; Zhihui Jun, one of Huawei’s development engineers, came up with the idea after he was injured in a bicycle accident. To create an unmanned bike, the team will equip it with an automatic control system that includes a set of sensors, cameras and a highly powerful hardware platform. In addition, engineers will implement a set of algorithms for traffic situation detection and vehicle control. Cameras and sensors will recognize obstacles and artificial intelligence technologies will allow you to respond to situations without human intervention.

The engineers first began modeling the bike in a computer-aided design system. They have added a number of details that make it possible to turn the bike into an unmanned vehicle. Installing two large brushless motors and a steering system, the team then added a camera, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a laser rangefinder to determine stage depth. The bike will use a model 6S lithium battery for about 2-3 hours. In addition, this model will feature the Huawei Ascend 310 AI processor.

The bike will be equipped with a stabilization system that processes information about the slightest slopes and keeps the bike in an upright position, and the rear wheel will turn directly from the engine without pedal assistance. It is not known when this bike, which is currently under development, will be introduced.


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