An interesting 2021 awaits us for Huawei, the second largest manufacturer in the world. Because, according to the news of the Chinese media, it is underlined that the chipsets that Huawei stocked in the second half of the year will run out and the company may be interrupted on the mobile phone production side (if current conditions do not change). Therefore, reports are leaked stating that Huawei will turn to different sectors. Today, a very interesting news has emerged and Huawei is starting pig farming.



You will appreciate that this is not like building a pig farm. Huawei is taking action to create a pig tracking system that includes tracking, data analysis, motion prediction, decision making, full control, robot reviews and remote control using artificial intelligence technologies.

While the Chinese media reported that Huawei is launching an intelligent pig breeding program using modern technology; Previously, NetEase founder Ding Lei, Alibaba founder Jack Ma and founder Liu Qiangdong also confirmed that they are taking serious steps in pig farming. Because China’s population is around 1.5 billion today and people need food.

Huawei’s smart pig system may seem “funny” to many people, but the fact that it can be used for other livestock and dairy animals in the world could take the livestock industry to another point. If the current situation will continue; Huawei should be aggressive about new products.

Huawei also plans to become a major player in coal mining, metallurgy, music content, smart displays, PCs and tablets market. We believe Huawei will solve the chipset problem “one way or another” days before the introduction of the Huawei P50 series.

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