It happened to Huawei, which did not happen to any manufacturer in the smartphone market, and the Trump Government took the Chinese company to the asset list and prevented Huawei from trading with American manufacturers. He said that you will not allow them to use the license by going to the American British ARM company. This enabled Huawei to a point where it cannot produce processors. According to reports received today, Huawei will experience a serious decline in 2021, especially on the mobile production side.



We will meet with the Huawei P50 series in a short time, but according to information from Chinese sources, Huawei will not offer especially mid-segment phones to the market. According to the latest news, Huawei’s orders for smartphone components are expected to drop by 60% in 2021. Huawei is expected to sell 50 million to 70 million phones this year.

Although many expect Joe Biden to change his policy at this point; apparently; Biden, the fledgling president of America, will not reveal a yawning and being removed from the asset list for now. Although it looks like a difficult year for Huawei, Huawei is a very, very big manufacturer. This year, Huawei may go back to selling phones, but it will also make great progress in many areas. In particular, Huawei plans to become a major player in coal mining, metallurgy, music content, smart displays, PCs and tablet markets in 2021.

So in short the thing is this; You may be blocking Huawei from phone production, but in terms of 5G technologies, Huawei is 2 or even 3 years ahead of world technologies. Huawei will manage to circumvent this process. You will see that Huawei will come back to the mobile market with all its might. Information from Asia is stated to be working on the “processor architecture” developed by Huawei as well as the HarmonyOS operating system. It is even stated that OPPO and Xiaomi companies are included in this study. Because, as you know, we see that Xiaomi has a problem with America at a certain point today.

This is a war, and this war will be a winner. If China is the winner of this war; All the calculations made by America can fall through. This is not going to be a war like we landed on Mars first.


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