Donald Trump, the former President of the USA, has waged a great war against Chinese companies in the last few years. Trump, especially targeting the giant smartphone manufacturer Huawei, has almost paralyzed this company in global markets. The reason for the sanction was that US companies had to sever all ties with Huawei and ended their partnership. Of course, this situation dealt a huge blow to Huawei. Because the new generation phones of the Chinese manufacturer were deprived of Google Services after the ban. Not only that. Burned with age next to the dry; Honor was captured by the same sanctions because of Huawei. But now the job has changed. Leaving Huawei at the end of last year, Honor is preparing to sit at the table with Google again.


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As it is known, Honor was a company that had been operating under the Huawei umbrella for many years. However, Honor’s commitment to Huawei was doing more harm than good to the company. Because the US blacklisted Honor because of Huawei, and Google canceled their licenses. Later, Huawei made a decision towards the end of last year and sold Honor. Of course, when Honor lost his connection with the Chinese company, things started to work out. Because Honor, declaring its independence, decided to sit at the table again with Google.

According to reports from foreign media, Honor’s new generation phones will no longer be available for sale through the AppGallery store. The manufacturer, which has agreed with Google, will be able to use the Play Store store and Google services on its next phones as before. Undoubtedly, in this case, the company’s sales will rise again.


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