Ren Zhengfei, founder of Chinese technology company Huawei, said that the best 5G smartphone model on the market is the iPhone 12 he also uses.

Despite US sanctions, Huawei continues to develop its own smartphone lineup. Prior to the announcement of the new flagship P50 and the foldable Mate X2, Ren Zhengfei revealed which, according to him, is the best 5G smartphone on the market right now.

Zhengfei: Leading technology company Apple
At this point, it is noteworthy that Huawei’s boss chose another brand of device. Because, according to Zhengfei, Apple is the leading technology company that can be considered a “teacher”. Emphasizing that he also uses the iPhone, which is one of the most important advantages of the ecosystem, Ren Zhengfei chose the iPhone 12 as the best 5G device today in an interview with journalists.

Huawei president also said that the company has been repeatedly recognized as the best equipment maker for 5G networks in the world, and millions of Apple smartphones are reaching this technology through their own base stations. Ren Zhengfei stated in a speech in the past that there are only two major players in the market with their own ecosystems: Apple and Google. Shortly after that, Huawei announced the HarmonyOS universal operating system.


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