A new image was shared that surprised many people waiting for the Huawei Mate 40 series. This image is displayed when using a Huawei phone HarmonyOS operating system. So, does it have a real presence and is the model of this phone clear?

What can Huawei phone do with HarmonyOS?
As it is known, HarmonyOS operating system was introduced as a software signed by Huawei. Honor also uses this software, which is used in Chinese company’s smart televisions. Why did HarmonyOS, which has not been on the agenda lately, came up again?

It mixed a visual medium shared in Weibo, China’s social media platform. Supporting the cross-platform feature, the Chinese operating system showed itself as “HarmonyOS 1.0.1”. The details of the published photo attract attention.

On the screen of the phone, the model of which is not known, there is the phrase “new generation operating system” that emphasizes Huawei. This update, which is 2.32 GB in size, is still under development, according to some Weibo users. So which Huawei phone was included in the same photo with HarmonyOS?

Some people say that the phone in the photo is Mate 40 Pro. Some people claim that this is the Mate 30 Pro. This issue has not yet been released from the Huawei front. What is included in the 2.32 GB update?

Some of Weibo users think this image is not real. Because according to them, the user interface shown in the photo is incorrectly positioned. Apart from that, it is written in the update prepared for HarmonyOS 1.0.1 that 8K video support was brought.

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This phrase made many people suspect. Because such a feature is not included in Huawei’s agenda. Also, some of the features written about the update (dark mode, Huawei Car, AOD mode and so on) are included in the EMUI 10 system.

HarmonyOS 1.0.1, which is not believed to be due to its similarity with EMUI 10 and to emphasize a feature that is not on the agenda of the Chinese company, will not come. It is known that Huawei wants to continue working with Android.


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