Judging by the latest developments, Huawei is preparing a two-screen phone. We take a look at the first images and details of the dual screen phone.



Huawei, whose smartphone sales are not progressing as desired, applied for a new patent to the State Intellectual Property Office in China. A second screen on the back stands out in this design concept, which we think will appear in the Mate 50 series of the company. Let’s consider in detail what the two-screen Huawei smartphone will offer.


Huawei Pressed Button for Dual Screen Phone

A series of recently released images have seen that Xiaomi will include a second screen next to the camera module on the back of the Mi 11 Ultra model. Huawei seems to have adopted a similar design approach this time. Famous designer HoiINDI introduced the phone, which Huawei applied for a patent, in flesh and bones.

The phone, which has a curved screen, has a dual front camera placed on the screen as in the Mate 40 Pro series. But the curvature of the curved screen is not as much as that of the Mate 40 Pro. The main striking point in the phone determined in the patent application is the second screen on the back.

According to the patent description, this additional screen will display various information including time, date, weather forecast, battery power, app notifications. It can also be used as a visor. In this way, much more effective selfies can be taken with a large number of rear cameras. Here, this question does not come to mind; “If there is a second screen at the back, this screen can be used for selfies, why are the cameras placed on the front screen?” Wouldn’t the full screen experience take the design of this phone further?

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Next to the second screen, there is a camera module spread over a large area. There are four cameras in total, including a periscope sensor for high-quality optical zoom. What do you think about Huawei’s dual screen phone?


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