There was a huge amount of action in Bitcoin for a little less than two US dollars. One of the reasons that the community likes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general is the opportunity to transfer money quickly and conveniently from anywhere in the world without having to deal with the necessary banking infrastructure for money transfer.

The Bitcoin Block Bot recently stated that 47,835 BTC was transferred. That’s a total of $ 419,433,065. The transaction required five approvals from the miners, and the fee for the transaction was only $ 1.78 (0.00020160 BTC).

The Bitcoin halving event took place on Monday, May 11. Miners now receive 6.5 BTC block rewards instead of 12.5. However, demand continues, and many crypto and finance experts expect growth to continue. According to some analysts, the price of BTC will be traded between $ 50,000 and $ 250,000 for the next two years.


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