While the price of Bitcoin continues to increase, fraudsters are not idle. It is becoming more and more important to be mindful of these people.



The two suspects were accused of stealing almost $ 500,000 from unsuspecting victims of Bitcoin fraudulent transactions in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin theft

Victims, aged 33 and 31, were deceived by two scammers in a fake bitcoin transaction, according to a report published by the South China Morning Post on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. People pretending to be bitcoin dealers managed to steal $ 495,650 from the victims.

Victims working at a foreign exchange company went to a shop in Tin Hau to buy bitcoin with cash. Meanwhile, an anonymous broker has linked buyers to fake bitcoin sellers.

After one of the scammers handed over the cash to the scammers, he pretended to do some paperwork related to the transaction and left the shop with the funds.

However, when the seller did not return after a long time, buyers began to suspect a game. While the buyers tried to find the seller with the money, the other scammer tried to escape when the victims threatened to report the matter to the police.

After a short chase, the fake bitcoin seller was captured and handed over to law enforcement. While the suspect is being questioned in police custody, the other cheater who disappeared with money is still missing.

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