Ripple moved a major XRP after several small transactions from leading crypto exchanges. Ripple and several major cryptocurrency exchanges moved 204 million XRP in the past 18 hours, according to data from Whale Alert. The total equivalent of this amount in nominal currency is 181,873,547 dollars.



Ripple moved $145 million in XRP

Whale Alert, a service that tracks large amounts of crypto moved between wallets, has spotted several large XRP transfers made in the past 18 hours.

Ripple moved 150 million XRP in a single transaction about eight hours ago. The funds ($145,410,744) were moved to the RL18-VN wallet, from where XRP was distributed in bulk to other organizations, often for sale or to cover operating expenses.

Since late December 2020, the company has faced extra expenses due to lawsuits filed by the SEC against it and its two top executives, Garlinghouse (CEO) and Larsen (co-founder).

A total of 24 million XRP was moved by the RippleWorks Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Chris Larsen, one of the creators of Ripple.

Officially, Ripple and RippleWorks started collaborating in March 2020. The media described this company as one of the fastest growing and most innovative nonprofits.

The aim of the partnership is to support “strong initiatives” around the world.


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