A little more than 110 million XRP has been sent from Ripple and the fintech giant to several crypto exchanges, including Binance and Bitso.


Data shared by blockchain cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert shows that 110,300,000 XRP has moved surprisingly in the past 20 hours.

Parties involved in these transactions include Ripple, the main ODL corridor, Coinbase, Binance, and other exchanges.


Almost $ 100 million displaced as XRP

Over the past 20 hours, multiple crypto exchanges and Ripple have carried 110,300,000 XRP with a total value of $ 97,823,093, according to Whale Alert.

Ripple transferred 12 million XRP to the Binance crypto trading platform and 10 million tokens to Bitso, the ODL platform in Latin America, which is spreading the On-Demand Liquidity technology across the region.

He reported that Ripple has sent a significant amount of XRP to the Binance exchange to ensure the liquidity of the cryptocurrency on its trading platform.

The Poloniex exchange has shifted 21 million XRP between their wallets.


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