Hunter x Hunter has not given us any new news for a long time because its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, has some health problems that prevent him from working at a constant pace.



The anime aired its last chapter in 2014, but as there were several loose ends left, fans kept asking for it to continue at some point.

Almost 7 years after Hunter x Hunter went off the air, a ray of hope comes from one of the voice actresses, who seem to hint that we will soon see him back on television.

Hunter x Hunter finally has its live action thanks to the fans

Gon Freecss’s adventures came to an end in the anime shortly after the famous ant arc, and although we got to see the reunion with his father, many things remained unsolved.

Fights with the terrifying Gen’ei Ryodan as well as Hisoka and Illumi were pending, but one of the voice actresses appears to have hinted at his return.



Megumi Han who lent her voice to Gon, posted some strange messages on her Twitter account, which made everyone think that Hunter X Hunter is about to return.

‘Today is Friday. I saw my friend. She also posted. Fufufu. Yes, we were recording for that project. I think we can tell you soon. I return to my origin. ‘

The phrase ‘back to my origin’ is the key clue that would connect this mysterious project with Hunter x Hunter, since this anime gave its first lead to Megumi.

If this clue was not enough, actress Mariya Ise, voice of Killua, also made a strange publication on her networks, with a pixelated image that made our minds fly.

‘Today I was recording a bit. I was glad to see my friend on the way home too. I can’t wait to tell you, but I can’t show it yet… So I’m going to make a mosaic! (What the heck is that? I wonder what it is! ”

Could it be that soon we will have the long-awaited return of Hunter x Hunter or will it be another related project?


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