Hyeseong ELRIS later shocked international fans after uploading a photo.

Fans certainly know that lately many South Korean artists have uploaded their photos when they were children.

That’s because on May 5, 2020 yesterday coincided with the celebration of Children’s Day in South Korea.

But instead of uploading a picture of him when she was a child, Hyeseong instead uploaded a photo of her when she was still in his mother’s womb.

After uploading photos of the ultrasound results, many of the international netizens misunderstood and thought that Hyeseong was pregnant.

Various comments from international netizens such as:

“Is she pregnant?”

“Are you pregnant?”

“So single mother? We are here to support you forever, ”

“Geez, shouldn’t you do social distancing?”

“Congratulations for the pregnancy,” and various other misunderstood comments.

While other fans tried to clarify that Hyeseong was not pregnant and explained that the photo was taken in 1999 when Hyeseong was still in her mother’s womb.


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