One senior idol, Lee Hyo Ri later discussed about the program ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ which had become a hit.

The program that was aired on JTBC in the two seasons so far has not yet received a new season even though many viewers and netizens really like the show.

Through his Instagram account, Lee Hyori broadcasts live where he talks a lot with fans.

During the conversation, the former Fin.K.L girl group discussed about the program she had brought together with her husband Lee Sang Soon at their home located on Jeju Island.

“The house should have been a happy place for me, my husband and dog, but we had a difficult time after it was revealed on TV,” Hyori said.

Previously, it was reported that Lee Hyori’s house which was exposed in the program received a lot of attention so many people that tourists who appeared just pressed the bell to make the owner disturbed.

‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ last aired the second season with guest star Yoona SNSD in May 2018.


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