Moon Hyuna, former Nine Muses, recently welcomed the birth of her first child.

On Friday (6/26) yesterday Hyuna uploaded a photo and video of her baby which she gave the nickname Bandi.

According to Hyuna’s previous statement, this nickname ‘Bandi’ comes from the word ‘fireflies’ in Korean.

While uploading the photos and videos on Instagram, Hyuna wrote, “Bandi is tired because he was just born,” he wrote as he included a laughing emoticon.

He also wrote a message in English in another post, “Thank you for all your support. My baby and I are in good health, “and again wrote a message in Korean,” I read all the DMs that congratulate me. Thank you.”

Hyuna is known to have married a non-celebrity man in September 2017, after leaving the girl group Nine Muses in October 2016.

Congratulations to Hyuna and family!


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