Hyundai, the automotive giant of the years, is discussing production by entering under a business partner in the coming period. Hyundai can be challenged by Apple’s strict rules.

Apple’s most important project behind closed doors is undoubtedly driverless vehicle production. Little is known about the mysterious project called Project Titan, but the developments on the Hyundai front have revealed some details.

Hyundai is upset
Hyundai boss stated that Apple had made some offers for vehicle production by Apple in the past weeks, but later changed his statement that Apple went not only to them but to many vehicle manufacturers.

Sources claim that Hyundai and Apple have been in talks since 2018. It is stated that the Aptiv driverless vehicle platform, established by Hyundai with an investment of 4 billion dollars, is based on these negotiations.

Working with vertical integration until today and producing its own brands, Hyundai; If the agreement is reached, it will become Apple’s merger partner. In other words, Apple will supply important components from different suppliers, while some components such as the engine will be supplied by Hyundai and will combine the vehicle.

These negotiations cause unease among Hyundai executives. The question of whether Hyundai’s image will improve or deteriorate with this partnership, which does not adopt the concept of producing vehicles for someone else, is confusing. Because Apple is the boss of its own field and Hyundai is the boss of its field. If this happens, Hyundai will have worked under a boss. In this respect, there are also those who want the offer not to be accepted.

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Another problem is that Apple wants to have the production done in the USA. In this case, executives think that Kia, which has made rapid developments in the field of electric vehicles and manufactures in the USA, could step in. It is not known how Apple will respond to this. We’ll probably be able to find a clearer view of the Hyundai and Apple partnership in the coming months.


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