There were reports that Hyundai will develop a driverless car with Google. The South Korean automaker made an official statement on the issue.

Last week, there were reports that South Korean automaker Hyundai and Google would collaborate on autonomous vehicles. It has been reported that the two companies will form a joint venture to carry out R&D studies on driverless cars.

Following the spread of the news, the automaker’s shares gained almost 6 percent in one day. Hyundai officials finally decided to put an end to speculation by making an official statement about these allegations that occupied the agenda.

No partnership with Google and Apple
Hyundai has clearly denied these allegations in a statement to Korea’s largest news agency, Yonhap News. Company officials noted that the news circulating on the internet had no basis. Hyundai also added that there is no such partnership with Apple.

The South Korean automaker continues to work at full speed to develop an entirely new modular electric vehicle platform. In March, Hyundai’s automobile sales increased by 22.4 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 375,924 units.


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