Hyundai and Boston Dynamics negotiations, which have been going on for a while, have been positive. Hyundai became the new owner of Boston Dynamics, which manufactures robots and is owned by Japan-based SoftBank. It was also announced that the brand paid $ 921 million for this purchase.

Hyundai robot company buys Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics, the manufacturer of the robot dog named Spot, which is very popular in social media, also produces different robots called Handle and Atlas. In fact, there is no clear information about what kind of plan Hyundai, which is an automobile manufacturer, has regarding Boston Dynamics company. However, the claims of the company focus on the production of autonomous vehicles. The brand can use Bostan Dynamics robots and their technologies in the production of autonomous vehicles.

Hyundai did not make a statement on the matter. Let us remind you that Boston Dynamics was previously a company of Google. Robots developed by the company were started to be used especially in areas where dangerous work was done. In fact, the brand offered companies that wanted their robot named Spot to be used by leasing.


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