The design and features of the Ioniq 5, which is expected to be introduced next month, are gradually coming to light. The Korean manufacturer is trying to keep the excitement alive with the hint visuals it shared during this time.

Korean automotive giant Hyundai announced that it will launch its new generation electric vehicles under the Ioniq brand in recent months, and announced the name of the first model as Ioniq 5.

Ioniq 5 will appear as the mass production version of 45 concepts, introduced in 2019. New images were shared giving clues about the design of the Ioniq 5, which is planned to be introduced next month. When we look at the design of the car, we see that Hyundai is not similar to the models in its product range. The Korean brand, which said in its past statements that it will make a fundamental change in the design of its new electric vehicles, seems to have kept this promise.

When we look at the design of Ioniq 5, we see the dominance of sharp lines in general. Thin front and rear lights, inspired by pixels, are among the most striking design details of the electric car. In addition, for the first time in Hyundai models, the front hood is designed to cover the surface completely and extend to the wheels. The Korean brand states that this design minimizes panel gaps and provides a cleaner image.

In the continuation of the design, we see the front shutter designed as a completely closed panel. Cameras are used instead of traditional mirrors on the sides. However, since the laws are different in each country, this feature is likely to be offered as an option. In addition, 20-inch dual-tone wheels designed to contribute to the aerodynamic structure of the car attract attention.

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In addition to the visuals, the shared short teaser videos also give clues about the features Ioniq 5 will have. Accordingly, the car will include “Vehicle to Load” technology, in other words, Ioniq 5 customers will be able to use their car as a power source when needed. In addition, Ioniq 5 will feature ultra-fast charging. In this way, the vehicle will be able to travel 100 kilometers, according to WLTP, with a 5-minute charge.


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