Things got mixed up when the Hyundai executive spoke about their partnership with Apple. After a short while, the word Apple was deleted without explanation and changed to technology companies.

It has been known that Apple has been working for electric vehicles behind closed doors for a long time. While the company was expected to establish a supply chain, a confession came from the Hyundai front.

Apple and Hyundai collaborate
Hyundai, South Korea’s largest automotive manufacturer and one of the largest family companies, made an interesting statement recently. The company reported that they cooperated with Apple in the production of electric vehicles.

However, Apple is known to have very strict confidentiality agreements. These confidentiality agreements, which go up to the cancellation of the agreement if necessary, probably came to Hyundai as well, which the company soon removed the Apple phrase and changed its statement that they were in elbow contact with some companies for the production of autonomous electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, we have now learned how Apple will go about producing its electric vehicle. It is not possible to start production by establishing a supply chain from scratch, anyway. Considering that Apple has a road map of 3-5 years, it is understood that it needs a different method. An electric vehicle, designed only by Hyundai, has the chance to be on the market in this time.


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