Hyunjin Stray Kids released a choreography video for Billie Eilish’s song ‘when the party’s over’.

This choreography video was released through the YouTube channel Stray Kids in the early hours of Sunday (10/05) as part of the ‘SKZ-PLAYER’ project.

In this video we can see Hyunjin while dancing contemporary choreography to the song ‘when the party’s over’ Billie Eilish in the studio.

According to Hyunjin’s confession, this choreography was made by himself. He wrote, “I thought about the most difficult time in my life when making choreography for this song.”

“First, the reason I chose this song is because when I looked for the right song to describe the emptiness, despair, and longing, I thought the emptiness that came when the party was over was the same feeling when returning home after appearing on a large stage, and already miss that stage. ”

“I tried to express that feeling as best I could, and I hope it can be conveyed,” he wrote.

You can watch the beautiful choreography made by Hyunjin through the following video!


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