Hyunsik BTOB recently wrote a touching letter to his fans before entering the army.

Now through his Instagram account, Hyunsik wrote a message for fans that read, “I’m sorry for being late for telling you guys like this. After deciding to enter military service on May 11, 2020, for several days I was worried about how to convey this to you. ”

“Lately I often think about Melody and BTOB. I searched BTOB photos and videos from debut until now, then laughed and remembered, and felt touched. What I was thinking about was that I wanted BTOB and Melody to meet again soon. You all feel the same way right? Because we think the same thing, it will definitely happen. ”

“I don’t really feel worried because I have trusted members and the strongest love in the universe from Melody. I actually can’t wait to welcome the future. ”

“I will return after growing up as a cooler guy for Melody and BTOB and being the only one who will make you proud. I hope you don’t feel worried and please stay healthy and happy while dreaming about the day we will meet again. Like Melody who is always in my mind, I will always be in your hearts. Thank you and I love you, “he wrote.



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