Mark Cuban, a US billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, continues his controversial approach to Bitcoin. After claiming to have more benefits “would prefer bananas over BTC”, Cuban recently said publicly traded companies should actually take lessons from the primary cryptocurrency. The 62-year-old FinTech-focused investor is frequently asked about his stance on Bitcoin.



Cuban’s team Dallas Mavericks accepts Bitcoin payments

His NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, was among the first to implement BTC as a payment method for goods and tickets. But Cuban said people failed to show genuine interest in BTC transactions.

However, the rapidly rising popularity of Bitcoin in the last few months has once again caught Cuban’s attention. He brought special discounts on BTC use when making any purchases with his team Mavs.

“BTC is giving us lessons.”
While this is just another marketing ploy, his recent tweet about Bitcoin looked a lot more optimistic. Cuban highlighted one of BTC’s most obvious advantages: It compared its limited supply with public companies issuing new stocks.

If such firms itself constrain stock inflation, this could increase the value of existing stocks.

Despite seemingly pro-BTC views, Cuban did not care about the asset’s qualities in the past. Stating that Mavs was unable to withdraw any BTC payments, he questioned whether he actually used cryptocurrency as a currency.

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He argued that the use of BTC in daily purchases is still somewhat complex and must be “smooth and straightforward” for mass adoption.

Cuban also mentioned several times that he preferred the banana trade as a commodity over Bitcoin. The fruit has an extra incentive for him: “I can still eat that banana intact and get all my potassium for my workout.”

However, he also summarized the potential for BTC to succeed as a store of value, especially after the huge amount of fiat money recently minted.


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