Investor Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, made comments on Twitter that commented the markets.

Robert Kiyosaki, who is also a Bitcoin (BTC) supporter, is one of the famous names in the investment market. made a statement on the social media account regarding shares, gold and crypto markets. The famous investor warned stock investors against a new wave of coronavirus (Kovid-19). Kiyosaki also said that gold and Bitcoin prices started to decrease and said that they got BTC as the price dropped.

Kiyosaki used the following statements:

“The US STOCK MARKET is booming. Question is: Is it good or bad? Answer: It depends on the situation. If you like stocks and bonds, you should be careful. There are warnings that the coronavirus will return. The price of gold is falling, so I bought more. As prices drop, I like gold, silver and Bitcoin more. ”

I Love Bitcoin

Kiyosaki; He says he does not like stocks, funds or bonds. Kiyosaki uses the following expressions:

“People say, ‘Do what you love.’ This can also be said to invest in what you love. I don’t like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs. If you LOVE them, invest in them. I have loved real estate since I was 9 years old, gold and silver since I was 25, today I love Bitcoin. ”


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