The ‘I-LAND’ program on Mnet has again become a talk of Korean netizens after getting a low rating.

‘I-LAND’ is a survival program on Mnet created by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment companies.

Previously, this program was able to reap many oblique comments from the viewers, because the system was considered too cruel to the contestants.

Now the ‘I-LAND’ program has become a topic of discussion among Korean netizens, due to its low rating.

The latest episode of the program “I-LAND” which aired on Friday (07/24) was found to both get a rating of 0.4% on Mnet and tvN.

Knowing that, Korean netizens on theqoo site commented:

“Really a program that failed, hahaha. But I think a lot of people give insinuations because this is a program from the Big Hit, ”

“I don’t know if it got this bad, even though this is a program that airs Friday nights and they have invested up to 20 billion Won,”

“I never gave a vote for the survival program, this is my first program, hahaha,”

“Big Hit really has to treat BTS well. BTS is the only source of their current income, ”

“I’m so tired of watching it that I overslept, it’s really a waste of time,” and many other pros and cons comments.


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