Through his Twitter account, the Buccaneers quarterback responded ironically to his mistakes in his new town.

Tom Brady made headlines this Thursday in the United States due to the revelation of two terrible bloopers in his first days as a resident of the luxurious Tampa Bay and immediately, the new Buccaneers quarterback confirmed these news with a humorous response on Twitter that has gone viral.

The TMZ portal was responsible for revealing the two embarrassing moments of the quarterback that the most Super Bowls have won in NFL history: The first was the invasion of a park to train, in which it was prohibited to step on green areas and the second was the admission to one that was not that of his coach, who had cited him.

Then, Brady’s response was immediate and on his social networks, retweeting the news from the TMZ portal, he wrote: “Search of parks, search of houses. I was just getting comfortable in ‘Tompa’ Bay, ”wrote the footballer, accompanying the message with the emoji on his face, laughing out loud.

It must be remembered that the story of the invasion of a house that was not that of his coach was confirmed by the ESPN portal and even had the voice of the owner of the house that Brady entered, who revealed that he will never forget his face. The NFL player was surprised to find that he was wrong.

Without a doubt, the move to a new city is taking its toll on Tom Brady, who, without playing, is still a character to follow.


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