The Intel Core i9-11900K impresses with its impressive performance in the Geekbench single core test.

The previously leaked Intel Core i9-11900K features shed light on the base and boost clock speeds of the processor. A new set of Intel Core i9-11900K Geekbench listing shows that the Rocket Lake chip surpasses AMD’s high-end Zen 3 options on the single-core side.

Videocardz came across three instances of the Intel Core i9-11900K in Geekbench. The test uses a Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master motherboard and 32GB of DDR4 RAM with a clock speed of 3,200 MHz. Average multi-core scores are around 10,000 expected from an eight-core processor. On the other hand, Intel Core i9-11900K has managed to cross the 1.900 limit twice with single core scores of 1.905 and 1.902. In the third test, the single core score remained at 1,895. Note that the average AMD Ryzen 9 5950X single core score in Geekbench is 1,686, but the processor has also exceeded 1,800 in several cases.

The Intel Core i9-11900K can run at 5.3 GHz, its maximum speed with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost enabled. With the right cooling and overclocking, it can exceed 2,000 points on the Geekbench, which will be an impressive feat for a 14 nm processor.

By the way, you can also take a look at the innovations that come with the Intel 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S platform. It was also revealed that Intel Rocket Lake Core i9 processors can reach temperatures of 98 degrees with 250W power consumption.


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