EMUI 12 News: It turned out that Huawei has developed the EMUI 12 interface alongside HarmonyOS 2.0. The Chinese firm will not abandon Android completely.


It was said that Huawei will completely abandon Android with HarmonyOS 2.0 and build its future plans on this operating system. However, according to the leaks that emerged today, let alone abandoning Android, Huawei has already started working on EMUI 12.

Work has begun on EMUI 12

As you know, you need to use Huawei PC Manager application to synchronize data between computer and Huawei phone over cable. The presence of EMUI 12 appeared in the latest version of this application. The requirements for including EMUI 12 are clearly visible in the descriptions of Huawei PC Manager.

It is said that the dispute between Huawei and America will be resolved by the end of the year and Google Mobile Services will be used on Huawei devices again. The Chinese technology giant will probably not abandon Android completely and will continue to offer its own interface to Android phones when the agreement is reached.

If the agreement is reached, the way to use Google Mobile Services in the Android fork, HarmonyOS 2.0, will be opened. Currently, Huawei is actively deploying the latest version of HarmonyOS 2.0 and testing the operating system on a large number of devices. The company plans to update 360 ​​million devices by the end of the year.

The future plans of the Chinese company remain unclear for now. Maybe HarmonyOS will come out of smartphones and become a boon for IoT devices only. It is too early to comment on this issue. It would be more logical to wait for the developments to be experienced towards the end of the year.


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